Roundup: My Jewish Holiday Writing

Over the last year and a half, I’ve gone back and looked at my writing about Jewish holidays since 2005. I considered anthologizing it in a book or zine but settled on an online series instead. I’ve recapped my past articles and blog posts, which were penned mainly from the perspectives of veganism/animal protection and Jewish punk. Not every post has the same format, but they pull together my past writing about each holiday. Here is a roundup of my Jewish holiday roundups!

Photo by Joshua Sherer

Holidays guide Jewish practice and community events throughout the year. They are familiar and resonant. I’ve devoted so much digital ink to them because they’re a timely way to break bigger topics down into accessible chunks of information and stories.

At long last, the “pandemic project” that I started in the first month of the pandemic is complete!

Photo by Michael Croland

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