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November 2020

Happy Hanukkah!

I’ve written about Hanukkah a lot over the past decade and a half. From Jewish punk to vegan food, here are some highlights all in one place! In 2018, I blogged about coast-to-coast Hanukkah concerts and airplay for Jewish punk bands, including Golem, Jewdriver, Shtumer Aleph, and the Debaucherauntes. In addition, I wrote about all the Golem Hanukkah concerts I’d been to through the years for Hevria: At this year’s Hanukkah show, Golem opened with their “anthem,” “Odessa.” A spirited hora broke out during…

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Video Premiere: The Shondes’ “Wrong Kind”

I’m excited to premiere the video for the Shondes‘ “Wrong Kind,” off their 2016 album, Brighton! The song’s “F*ck that noise!” sing-along has been a feature of live shows in recent years, and the video has an awesome zine aesthetic. Louisa Solomon, the Shondes’ singer and bassist, reflected on how when she was growing up, she felt she “was ‘too much’ of one thing or another.” She hoped that by discussing it in this song, “others would connect with the feeling of…

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Golem On-Screen

Since my first Golem concert in 2006, 2020 is the first year I haven’t seen them live. Livestreams are all the rage during the pandemic, as I discussed in my last blog post, and Golem had their first on Sunday at New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage. If I can’t see Golem in person, a rockin’ livestream with good sound quality is the next best thing. After asking around on Twitter, I won’t add the livestream to my list of every…

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