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August 2017

Moshiach Oi! Double the Na Nach on Rock Rabeinu

Moshiach Oi! have narrowed their focus over the past nine years. When I first found out about Moshiach Oi! in 2008, guitarist Menashe Yaakov Wagner described Moshiach Oi! as “perhaps the world’s first hardcore vegan straight-edge Orthodox Jewish punk band.” By the time I met and interviewed them a few months later, the label was more succinct: “Torah hardcore.” In 2009, their debut album dealt with a multitude of topics from an Orthodox perspective, including celebrating Shabbos, learning Torah, and wanting the Moshiach…

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Jewish Punks & Resistance Music in the Trump Era

In his guest post on Monday (“When Punk Rock Fights Nazism, I Hope You’ll Invite Me to the Party”), Rabbi Patrick “Aleph” Beaulier said “this battle needs to come from art” and “from music.” It’s almost become a cliche that the era of Donald Trump would usher in punk rock and other resistance music with hard-hitting social and political commentary. With the president worsening domestic and foreign problems abundantly, this is not a wait-and-see game. I wrote the lyrics to…

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Guest Post: When Punk Rock Fights Nazism, I Hope You’ll Invite Me to the Party

The following guest post is by Rabbi Patrick “Aleph” Beaulier. Rabbi Patrick is in Oy Oy Oy Gevalt! Jews and Punk in Chapter 3, as the front man of CAN!!CAN, and Chapter 6, as the executive director of PunkTorah. Click here to read his guest post from earlier this year, “From Punk Rocker to Rabbi.” I live about an hour away from Charlottesville, Virginia, where we recently witnessed the culmination of people who feel like the world is leaving them behind and just want to do…

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