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February 2019

Punk Is Center Stage at Opening for “Jews and Rock” Art Exhibit

Yesterday the Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery had an opening for their monthlong “Jews and Rock” art exhibit, also billed as “The Rebellious and Creative Energy of Jews with Guitars.” Inside a synagogue’s sanctuary, an impressively varied art show featured photographs and paintings of Jewish musicians, including Joey Ramone, Amy Winehouse, and members of Anthrax and the Beastie Boys. Going beyond the visual art, punk took center stage. One of the two presentations yesterday was a panel discussion about the role that Jews played in…

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My Interview Part of a Radio Special about Ethnic Punk

Last night on KRNN Juneau (Alaska), Johnny Negotiable hosted a “Saturday Nite Special” about ethnic punk, including a half-hour interview with me about Punk Rock Hora. You may recall Johnny Negotiable (Jim Hale) from last year’s “Mosh Hashanah: A Punk Tribute to the Jewish New Year” radio program or his guest post about KLUNK. The two-hour show featured songs by Jewish, Irish, Gypsy, and zydeco-punk bands. It was exciting to hear Golem, Yidcore, Moshiach Oi!, Schmekel, and the Shondes in that…

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