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October 2017

Art about the golem, not just by Golem

  According to Jewish folklore, the golem is a monster made from clay. The golem was brought to life by Rabbi Löew in Prague in the 16th century as a protector of the Jewish community. In 2017 the golem continues to inspire art, including five artists from Oy Oy Oy Gevalt! Jews and Punk. Golem in Brooklyn The Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery at Congregation Kol Israel has a new exhibit called “Golem in Brooklyn.” Artists shared their interpretations of the…

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Times of Israel Feature about Moshiach Oi! & Jewish Punk

On the heels of their new album, Rock Rabeinu (click here to read my review), Moshiach Oi! was featured in the Times of Israel. The writer also interviewed members of two other Jewish punk bands, the Shondes and Asher Yatzar. I’m quoted extensively in the article. Here’s an excerpt: Among the ranks of Jewish punk include other outfits such as The Shondes (Yiddish for “disgrace”; a New York-based radical, political, feminist, queer, indie/punk band), Gefilte Fuck (a “Yidcore” band from Los Angeles), The Groggers (a New…

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