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September 2018

“Angry Jew Punk” Band Confronts Nazis on “Oi Vey”

Damn Dirty Commies’ Oi Vey is a pithy album. If you don’t count the two comedic interludes and the one rap bonus track, there are just three songs, taking up less than five minutes combined. At a time when Kanye West can offer up seven songs as an album, let’s not debate whether it’s an album. The Philadelphia-based “Angry Jew Punk” group don’t need more songs to pack a punch—especially in the face of a Nazi. Oi Vey kicks off with a vulgar and violent take…

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On the Radio: “Mosh Hashana: A Punk Tribute to the Jewish New Year”

Have you ever listened online to a public radio show in Alaska and felt like the DJ was speaking directly to you? Today on Soundings on KRNN Juneau, Johnny Negotiable started off his show by saying: We have listeners from far-flung Queens, New York. Well, actually, that’s a little bit of a hyperbole. We have one listener in Queens. We have my friend Michael Croland, the author of a great book on Jewish punk music, Oy Oy Oy Gevalt! Jews and Punk. It’s…

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Guest Post: Jewish Metal Music Politics on the Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud

The following guest post is by Jim Hale. Jim lives in Juneau, Alaska, with his wife, Michelle, and their two dogs, Murphy and Molly. Under the nom de guerre Johnny Negotiable, he hosts a music show he calls “episodes in the history of noise,” on Friday mornings from 10 to noon on 102.7 FM, KRNN Juneau and streaming live at After getting drenched in a downpour as I walked to an American ex-pat’s restaurant for a bland, overpriced Thanksgiving dinner, I took…

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