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February 2024

Leap Day: Poems for a Quadrennial Occasion

Happy Leap Day! This day only comes once every four years, so let’s make the most of it, in verse! I’ve blogged about my emailing pen pal Eric Jonas, especially how I’ve sent him limericks and poems about air guitar. On New Year’s Day ’16, Eric said, “Since this year is a leap year, we have an extra day to cram in even more emailing ….” This led to many emails on Leap Day! On February 29 that year, I sent him…

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From Punk to Presidents: Incongruity

After seven books, there’s a glaring incongruity in my oeuvre! How can someone who wrote three books about punk praise presidents? My new book, Poems by Presidents: The First-Ever Anthology, showcases presidents’ verse. I don’t offer uniformly positive depictions of presidents in the chapter introductions, criticizing Warren G. Harding’s adultery and the poor quality of James Madison’s selections. But for the most part, I offer sanitized overviews of presidents’ biographies, with a general audience in mind. Anthologizing presidents’ poems inherently…

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