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June 2022

Quatrains about Air Guitar

In 2020, I published Air to the Throne: A Poetry Chapbook about Air Guitar and blogged about my air guitar limericks. In the last few weeks, I’ve penned more than a dozen quatrains about air guitar—and other air instruments! Some of these poems were inspired by clerihews, humorous aabb quatrains with a biographical focus and irregular meter, but it’s more accurate to call them quatrains. The content absurdly pushes past the boundaries of what is possible for air instruments, as…

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The Connection between Limericks and Limerick, Ireland

I published Celtic Punk Superfan earlier this year, and I compiled There Once Was a Limerick Anthology, which will be published by Dover Publications in August. Do my two books share an Irish commonality? Are limericks named after Limerick, the third-largest city in the Republic of Ireland, and/or the county of the same name? The link is tenuous, but it’s worth considering. In The Curious Story of the Limerick, Matthew Potter explains, “Limerick is the only place in Ireland to…

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