The Enduring Impact of My Two 2017 High Holidays Articles

The two Jewish punk articles I wrote for the High Holidays in 2017 keep getting inscribed in the Book of Life!

The wire service JTA published “Punk Bands Prove Shofar Isn’t Just for the High Holidays,” which ran in numerous newspapers in the US, Canada, and Israel. On Monday, The Wisdom Daily cited the examples in my article to show that “the shofar can be heard in rock ‘n’ roll recordings, and these may have virtually nothing to do with the Jewish High Holidays.” In the last year, my JTA article inspired or was cited in not one but two Forward articles as well as a trivia question.

Mosh Hashanah: A Jewish Punk Playlist for the High Holidays” got the most likes of all the articles I wrote for Jewcy. Inspired by my playlist, Johnny Negotiable hosted his third “Mosh Hashanah” radio special on KRNN Juneau today, as a punk tribute to the High Holidays. I’m blown away that this has become an annual tradition! The lion’s share of the program—ten songs—showcased Jewish punk artists Yidcore, the Shondes, Di Nigunim, Klunk, and Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird. Some selections weren’t Jewish per se and would’ve fit right in during his ethnic punk special last year, including tracks by the Zydepunks, Gogol Bordello, and J.U.F. Johnny even played Operation Ivy, a legendary punk rock quartet with two Jewish members. Click here to read my blog post about the first “Mosh Hashanah” show in 2018, and click here to read my tweet about last year’s show.

If all that tickles your fancy, check out my 2016 Jewcy article “Trans Tishrei: A Little Schmekel for the Holidays.”

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