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May 2018

DIY Shavuot Learning Fest, Including My “Vegetarianism in the Jewish Tradition” Presentation

Wandering Jews of Astoria hosted a learning fest for Shavuot last night. While I’ve enjoyed the massive, all-night version at the Manhattan JCC in years past, it was more intimate having a dozen people in a board member’s living room. In a very DIY manner, community members taught—and learned from—each other. While all my Jewish presentations since 2013 had focused on Jews and punk, I dusted off my “Vegetarianism in the Jewish Tradition” presentation, which I gave in different iterations…

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Farewell, Punk Jews Facebook Group

The 2012 documentary Punk Jews shined a spotlight on alternative Jewish culture, including the Torah hardcore band Moshiach Oi! The team behind the documentary (director Jesse Zook Mann, producer Evan Kleinman, and co-producer Saul Sudin) did more than just create a great film. Dating back before the film’s release, they created a community for outside-the-box Jews, both with events and through the Punk Jews group on Facebook. Through the years, I’ve enjoyed the conversations through the Facebook group, learned about new artists (which I’ve written…

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