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August 2018

Sports Illustrated & My Other Air Guitar Media Hits

This week Sports Illustrated TV included a 30-second interview clip with me in a show about air guitar! You can watch the full 10-minute episode here; a free 7-day trial is required. Click here to watch a 1-minute preview video that includes a brief quote from me. Here’s a transcript: Me: Are you really here from Sports Illustrated? Charlotte Wilder (Sports Illustrated): Yeah, we really are. Why are you here? Me: I am a retired air guitarist. I still play all the…

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Punk Rock Shabbat on the Warped Tour

After 24 years, the Warped Tour, the iconic touring punk rock festival, concluded its final cross-country run last week. For the seven Fridays of the tour, Punk Rock Shabbat brought together Jewish punks at Warped. The weekly gathering was organized by Kosha Dillz (a rapper who hosted the event), One Table (which brings people together for Shabbat dinners), and Shabbat Tent (which does that at concerts and festivals). It’s notable that there was an event uniting Jewish punks as part of the beloved touring punk extravaganza. Of course it…

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