Sports Illustrated & My Other Air Guitar Media Hits

Being interviewed for Sports Illustrated TV (Photo by Melissa Zimmerman)

Being interviewed for Sports Illustrated TV (Photo by Melissa Zimmerman)

This week Sports Illustrated TV included a 30-second interview clip with me in a show about air guitar! You can watch the full 10-minute episode here; a free 7-day trial is required. Click here to watch a 1-minute preview video that includes a brief quote from me. Here’s a transcript:

Me: Are you really here from Sports Illustrated?

Charlotte Wilder (Sports Illustrated): Yeah, we really are. Why are you here?

Me: I am a retired air guitarist. I still play all the time, but I haven’t competed in over 10 years now.

CW: Why’d you retire?

Me: I’m so glad you asked! I tore the labral cartilage in the joint of my right shoulder. So you try going to a sports doctor—I mean, this is Sports Illustrated—and they say “What sport do you play?” and I say “Air guitar!”

This isn’t the first time my passion for air guitar has been in the spotlight! I’ve appeared on CBS and in a book, I’ve been profiled by The Virginian-Pilot and Teruah, I’ve been quoted by an ethnomusicology doctoral student, and I’ve been cited in The Medical Journal of Australia and the Houston Press. The following “media hits” date back to 2005 and are divided into three sections: Appearing In, My Blog Posts, and Cited In.

Appearing In


My Blog Posts


Cited In

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