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October 2019

Yidcore Reunite for Two Shows a Decade after Disbanding

Yidcore, the quintessential Jewish punk band, broke up in 2009. Until last month, they had only played one reunion show, back in 2011. In September, they reunited for two shows in their native Melbourne, Australia. At the Festival of Jewish Arts and Music on September 8, Yidcore’s singer grasped a rubber chicken against the microphone and played a shofar bedecked in PETA stickers. Just like old times! The guitarist and the bassist wore a “yarmulbra” and Hasidic-inspired garb, respectively. Yidcore’s…

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Low Tide: New Band Featuring Members of the Shondes

The Shondes violinist Elijah Oberman and guitarist Courtney Robbins have a new indie/alternative/folk side project called Low Tide. They describe their music as “ghostly songs from alternate realities.” Their debut album, The Alchemist, comes out October 25. While the music overall doesn’t sound like the Shondes’ rock/punk, many of Oberman’s vocal and violin parts could have seamlessly fit in on a Shondes album. Indeed he sings lead on some Shondes songs, in addition to frequent back-up vocals. “Making this album and…

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