Two Years Since the Book Was Published


Presentation at South Huntington Jewish Center

Today marks two years since Oy Oy Oy Gevalt! Jews and Punk was published. I did a one-year anniversary post, and now it’s time to recap everything that’s happened since!

My article with the most reach was “Punk Bands Prove Shofar Isn’t Just for the High Holidays.” I wrote it for JTA (a wire service), and it was picked up by newspapers in the U.S., Canada, and Israel, including The Jerusalem Post and The Times of Israel. I wrote “What Goes into a Punk Rock Cover of the Shema?” for Jewish Voices on Rock. I wrote “Yidcore Year-Round” for Jewish Music Underground, which also cross-posted my Moshiach Oi! and Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird album reviews. I wrote eight articles for Jewcy: “Mosh Your Tuches Off,” “Get Ready for Shavuot with ‘Torah Hardcore,'” “Mosh Hashanah: A Jewish Punk Playlist for the High Holidays,” “Jewcy Recipes: A Mazel-Tov Cocktail,” “Shabbat Punk Playlist,” “Sid Vicious, Yid Vicious, and Sid Yiddish,” “Purim Punk Playlist,” and “A Punk Playlist for Passover.” That’s in addition to sixteen posts for the blog!

I was interviewed for “Punk Jews Scream Out to God ‘From the Depths‘” in The Times of Israel. My book was quoted in “This Jewish Punk Band Existed to Spite Neo-Nazis” in Jewniverse.

Last month I gave a presentation at the Jewish Museum of Maryland in Baltimore, and Moshiach Oi! front man Yishai Romanoff performed a solo acoustic set under the stage name Na Nach Oi! This led to great coverage (“Moshing at the Museum: An Afternoon about Jewish Punk Rockers“) in the Baltimore Jewish Times. I also gave a presentation at the synagogue I grew up going to and was introduced by the rabbi who was at my bar mitzvah.

The biggest event involving a band from the book was my wedding! Golem did a spectacular job as the wedding band. Click here to read about highlights and see photos.

It’s been a great second year, and I have plenty more on the way. There’ll be multiple exciting announcements in the months ahead.

All Photos by Christopher Duggan Photography

Golem at my wedding, with singer Aaron Diskin in mid-air


With Yishai Romanoff of Moshiach Oi! at the Jewish Museum of Maryland


With my wife and friends at the Jewish Museum of Maryland

With my mom and Rabbi Ian Jacknis at South Huntington Jewish Center

With my mom and Rabbi Ian Jacknis at South Huntington Jewish Center

Photo 1 by Eileen Croland. Photo 2 by Christopher Duggan Photography. Photo 3 by Tamara Croland.

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