Interview on the Rabbi Patrick Podcast


Rabbi Patrick “Aleph” Beaulier comes up in Oy Oy Oy Gevalt! Jews and Punk in two key ways. He was the singer of the band CAN!!CAN, and he’s the executive director of PunkTorah. Patrick was in New York this weekend, and we went to see Litvakus (described as an “acoustic Gogol Bordello”) at Klezmer Brunch.

Patrick interviewed me for the Rabbi Patrick podcast. Click here to listen to the wide-ranging, 31-minute interview. Patrick and I discussed CAN!!CAN, PunkTorah, toughness, the DIY nature of Jewish practice and promoting a book, Anti-Trump, and what the future holds for Jewish punk.


Patrick and me at his rabbinical ordination in 2013



Patrick, Yishai (of Moshiach Oi!), me, and Menashe Yaakov (of Moshiach Oi!) at a CAN!!CAN show in 2009

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